Exmouth Food Bank March 2021 Newsletter

Easter preparations

This month we have been planning for Easter and spring has definitely been in the air. We’ve had some wonderful donations of eggs and other Easter treats and these will go out to families and individuals starting from the beginning of April. 

In February we also trialled an arrangement we put in place for working with a local grocer, to supply some seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables in our weekly deliveries. We are all conscious that we need to try to eat a healthy diet and increasing our portions of fresh produce each day so we have decided to continue the trial and we hope that our clients are enjoying what they receive each week.

We will review this arrangement in the future once our clients can come back into the hall to collect and choose their food.


If you are a client reading this and have been receiving fruit and vegetables as part of the new trial, please let us know what you think by emailing info@exmouthfoodbank.org.uk as we would love your feedback.

March totals

During March we delivered parcels to 219 families to feed 506 people.

Since the start of 2021, we have found that we deliver approximately 200 parcels to families and individuals each month. That’s a bit fewer than December when we reached an all-time high of nearly 250 parcels in the month.

It’s been great to see that a number of our long-standing clients have told us recently that they no longer need our help and since the start of the year, a third of all our deliveries have been to new clients who have come to us for help for the first time. 

We are here to assist anyone in need of food help and its reassuring to know that new people are coming to us when they need us. 

Inner Wheel recipe parcels

We received a lovely donation this month from the Inner Wheel Group who put together some recipe parcels for our Food Bank clients.

The parcels had been thoughtfully compiled with various ingredients and store cupboard essentials that could be used to cook up a specific main meal or pudding such as a corned beef hash or a fruit crumble. 

These were well received by our clients, with one commenting that it was ‘a very special touch’. 

A big 'thank you' to everyone at Inner Wheel for such a thoughtful gesture.

April plans

In April we are hoping to start to work out how we will need to amend our processes and procedures to plan for coming out of lockdown. It will be lovely to be able to meet our clients again face to face, but this needs to be a carefully managed transition and things will only change when it is safe for us to do so.

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